A simple feedback widget for your website

Let customers give you feedback without jumping through hoops

Keeping it simple

A super-simple widget for your website that makes it easy for customers to leave feedback without jumping through hoops

Customize the text, colors, and remove the "Powered by" section when you upgrade

“We got the widget installed in seconds and the first feedback submitted within a day. It’s great having customer feedback go into Notion right next to our product planning boards.”

Fits into your workflow

Get notified by email when new feedback comes in or send your feedback to Notion to discuss with teammates, add comments, tags, and more.

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Page Email Feedback
apple.com/ipad/ [email protected] This page is looking slick, but I noticed a small typo. iPadOs should be iPadOS.
support.apple.com/my-support [email protected] It would be great if we could type in our Mac serial number and see the battery replacement cost
apple.com/music/ [email protected] The only reason I'm not switching over is because I don't want to lose my Spotify playlists

Easy for your customers

Don't make customers jump through hoops to leave you feedback

Email notifications

Get notified by email when you receive new feedback

Integrate with Slack

Use Notion's Slack integration to get notified in Slack when you get new feedback

Customize text & colors

Match the feedback widget to your brand by customizing the text and colors